Distributor software

SoluSoft ERP: saves time

Are you a distributor? Do you also carry out product assembly? Our accounting software is perfectly adapted to the management of both of these activities. Our powerful erp solution is available at an affordable price and collects the accounting features that allow for efficient management of your operations, whatever the nature of the product that you distribute or its geographic zone of distribution.

Solusoft ERP will reduce your data entry time if you have several warehouses, or even several companies that need to transfer material by requisition. Several features simplify your product management: multiunits, batch purchasing, minimums and maximums, inventory matrices, customer credit limits, etc. In addition, our integrated accounting solution offers you efficient delivery management features that allow you to manage your transportation costs.

Management of BOM (Bill of Material), assembly, multideliveries, serial numbers, UPC codes, warehouses

User-friendly management software

Company management can lead to the overall improvement of the organization’s performance, because all resources participate in its success. You’ll see how the SoluSoft ERP management software can respond to the most specific needs of your users by choosing the relevant service or business sector below.

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