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Solusoft ERP: flexible and easy to use

Are you responsible for the accounting and administrative management of a company specialized in services? Whether you offer services for individuals or professionals, or whether you work in the sectors of strategic consulting, training, material or personnel provisions, logistics or in any other tertiary sector, our erp solution offers accounting tools adapted to your needs.

SoluSoft ERP offers advanced features, such as detailed management of the status of job cards, the assignment of various stakeholders, priorities and detailed invoicing. You’ll also have access to bank hour management tools and timesheets that facilitate analysis and increase your business’s profitability. Repetitive invoicing features and purchase requisitions simplify the management of your operations. Access to the costs and revenues of each project by item will facilitate the management of your budgets.

Management of projects, timesheets, service calls

User-friendly management software

Company management can lead to the overall improvement of the organization’s performance, because all resources participate in its success. You’ll see how the SoluSoft ERP management software can respond to the most specific needs of your users by choosing the relevant service or business sector below.

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