Distributor software

Distributors, wholesalers

Are you a distributor? Do you also carry out product assembly? Our accounting software is perfectly adapted to the management of both of these activities.


Services enterprise

Service sector

Are you responsible for the accounting and administrative management of a company specialized in services? Whether you offer services for individuals or professionals, or whether you work in the sectors of strategic consulting, training, material or personnel provisions, logistics or in any other tertiary sector, our erp solution offers accounting tools adapted to your needs.


Retail commerce


Are you responsible for the commercial management of many stores and branches? Or are you an independent retailer who runs one or more shops? Our erp solution will allow you to optimize the financial management of your company and will adapt to its evolution.



Recreational Tourism centres

Do you manage a ski station, zoo, amusement park or any other type of recreational tourism centre? Our integrated, efficient and accessible erp solution allows you to manage part or all of your accounting activities.


Repair services

Repair and maintenance services

Is your company specialized in repairs or preventive maintenance operations on electronic products, computer systems or other types of equipment? We offer reliable and affordable software that will facilitate the accounting and logistical management of your operations.

User-friendly management software

Company management can lead to the overall improvement of the organization’s performance, because all resources participate in its success. You’ll see how the SoluSoft ERP management software can respond to the most specific needs of your users by choosing the relevant service or business sector below.

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