Do you manage a ski station, zoo, amusement park or any other type of tourist centre? Our integrated, efficient and accessible erp solution allows you to manage part or all of your accounting activities. We offer progressive management software that will facilitate management within various departments of your company, such as: accounting, ticketing, schools, rentals, groups, shops, cafeterias, etc.

SoluSoft ERP offers several features that can be activated according to your needs: employee management, real-time sales calculations, verification of fraudulent season passes, automatic importing of transactions from your website and many other options that will contribute to the optimization of your daily financial management.

Characteristics: ticketing, schools, rentals, groups, shops, cafeterias, accounting, barcodes, with an interface adapted to touch screens.

User-friendly management software

Company management can lead to the overall improvement of the organization’s performance, because all resources participate in its success. You’ll see how the SoluSoft ERP management software can respond to the most specific needs of your users by choosing the relevant service or business sector below.

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