accounting finance

Accounting and finance

Intelligent financial business operations require strategic decision processes. Similarly, objectives must be reached through the management of accounting information and the ability to make faster, more precise, intelligent decisions through collaboration and in real-time.


Sales and invoicing

Proper financial management of invoices, orders and cost estimates contributes to a company’s success as it links it to its clients. As these activities have a direct impact on customer satisfaction, it’s essential to have an erp solution that can strictly follow the sales and invoicing processes.


operations logistic

Operations and logistics

Companies are becoming more complex, as is the environment in which they evolve. Often, a company can have more than one warehouse distributed throughout the region. Appropriate administration of operations and logistics requires very efficient erp solutions.


projects management

Project management

Financial management is one of the most decisive factors in a project’s success. It’s crucial to manage accounting activities in real-time throughout the entire project to ensure its completion regarding specific objectives, such as profitability.


technical services

Technical services

From management of service calls to parts supply to invoicing, a company’s technical services are faced with complex accounting challenges. A powerful erp solution, which follows up with interventions done on a product or by a client, quickly becomes essential to the management of overall department costs.


humanes ressources

Human resources

From an accounting viewpoint, human resource management involves a large number of interactions with various stakeholders. These managers need to bridge the gap between employees, company departments, management and financial institutions, all of which administer the budgets that respond to the needs of various services.


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